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Watch Sri Lanka Live TV Online: A Guide to Online Streaming and Channels

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Welcome to, your ultimate destination for streaming live Sri Lankan TV channels online. Television plays a pivotal role in both entertainment and information dissemination in Sri Lanka. With an impressive assortment of channels available in Sinhalese, Tamil, and English, viewers can indulge in a diverse range of programming. Whether you're a sports enthusiast seeking live streams of Sri Lanka's matches or a fan of popular teledramas, there's something for everyone here. Since its inception in 1979 with Independent Television Network, the television industry has experienced remarkable growth, paving the way for the establishment of private channels like Maharaja Television (MTV). In this page, we'll delve into how you can access live TV, the abundance of channels in Sri Lanka, and discover a fantastic link for catching up on your favorite shows, all at no cost.

Sri Lanka Online Live TV Channel List

How to Watch Live TV in Sri Lanka

Watching live TV in Sri Lanka has become easier than ever, thanks to the availability of online streaming platforms. Whether you're interested in sports, teledramas, or news, here's a guide to help you access your favorite channels from the comfort of your own home.

Online Live Streaming Platforms

  1. One of the most reliable sources for live streaming of Sri Lankan TV channels is This official website guide offers a wide selection of channels and allows you to catch up on missed episodes.

  2. Mobile Apps: Many Sri Lankan TV networks have developed mobile apps that provide live streaming services. Look for apps from popular channels like Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC), Derana TV, and Hiru TV.

  3. Streaming Services: International streaming platforms like YouTube TV, Sling TV, and YuppTV offer packages that include Sri Lankan channels. These services may require a subscription fee, but they provide convenient access to a variety of content.

Number of TV Channels in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka boasts a diverse range of TV channels catering to different interests and language preferences. Here's a breakdown of the major categories:

  1. Sinhalese Channels: The majority of TV channels in Sri Lanka broadcast in Sinhalese, the country's official language. These channels offer a wide range of content, including news, dramas, music, and religious programs.

  2. Tamil Channels: Sri Lanka is home to a significant Tamil-speaking population, and several TV channels cater specifically to this demographic. Tamil channels provide news, entertainment, and cultural programming in the Tamil language.

  3. English Channels: For those who prefer English-language content, there are TV channels that offer news, movies, documentaries, and lifestyle programs in English.

Sri Lanka Television Stations

Listed below are the present television stations operating in Sri Lanka. Discover the diverse array of current options available for your viewing pleasure in the island nation.

  •     Haritha TV
  •     A Plus Kids TV
  •     Ada Derana 24
  •     ART Television
  •     Channel C
  •     Channel Eye
  •     Channel One
  •     Citi Hitz
  •     Colombo TV
  •     Dharmavahini TV
  •     Dream TV
  •     ETV
  •     Heritage TV
  •     Hiru TV
  •     ITN Channel
  •     Knowledge TV
  •     Nethra TV
  •     Rangiri TV
  •     Raw TV
  •     Ridee TV
  •     Rupavahini
  •     Supreme TV
  •     Sarana TV
  •     SBC TV
  •     Shakthi TV
  •     Shraddha TV
  •     Sindu TV
  •     Sirasa TV
  •     Siyatha TV
  •     Siyasa TV
  •     Sri TV
  •     Star Tamil
  •     Swarga TV
  •     Swarnavahini
  •     The Buddhist
  •     TNL TV
  •     TV 1
  •     TV Derana
  •     TV Didula
  •     UTV Tamil
  •     Vasantham TV
  •     Verbum TV
  •     CeyFLiX
  •     Lankan Link

Sri Lanka Educational Television Providers

Provider: Ask Cable Vision

  •         Nilet
  •         Grade 6
  •         Grade 7
  •         Grade 8
  •         Grade 9
  •         Grade 10
  •         Grade 11
  •         Channel Eye
  •         Nethra TV

Provider: DialogTV - VIU APP

  •         Guru TV
  •         Nenasa Sinhala
  •         Nenasa Tamil
  •         Channel One
  •         A-Plus
  •         Supreme TV
  •         Channel Eye

Provider: PeoTV

    •         Vidasa 5
    •         Vidasa 6
    •         Vidasa 7
    •         Vidasa 8
    •         Vidasa 9
    •         Vidasa 10
    •         Vidasa 11
    •         Channel Eye
    •         Nethra TV

    List of Current Television Providers in Sri Lanka

    Below is a compilation of existing television service providers operating in Sri Lanka.

    •     Ask Cable Vision
    •     City Cable
    •     Dialog TV
    •     Dish TV
    •     Lanka Broadband Networks
    •     PEO TV
    •     Satcom
    •     TV Lanka

    Most Viewed Free-to-Air (FTA) Channels with TVSL Ratings (22/05/2023 - 28/05/2023)

    1.     Sirasa TV
    2.     TV Derana
    3.     Hiru TV
    4.     Supreme TV
    5.     ITN
    6.     Swarnavahini
    7.     SiyathaTV
    8.     Rupavahini
    9.     Ada Derana 24
    10.     Shakthi TV

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I watch all TV channels?

    To access all TV channels, you can explore online streaming platforms like or download mobile apps provided by Sri Lankan TV networks. Additionally, subscribing to international streaming services may offer a wider range of channels.

    How to watch live TV?

    You can watch live TV in Sri Lanka through online streaming platforms, mobile apps, or by subscribing to streaming services that offer Sri Lankan channels. Simply access these platforms, choose the channel you want to watch, and enjoy the live broadcast.

    How many TV channels are there in Sri Lanka?

    Sri Lanka has a considerable number of TV channels across different languages. While the exact count may vary, there are numerous Sinhalese, Tamil, and English channels available to cater to the diverse preferences of viewers.

    How do you watch free TV channels?

    There are several ways to watch free TV channels in Sri Lanka. Here are some options:

    • Utilize the terrestrial broadcast signal by connecting an antenna to your TV.
    • Explore online platforms that offer free live streaming of Sri Lankan TV channels.
    • Take advantage of mobile apps provided by Sri Lankan TV networks, which may offer free access to live TV content.

    Remember to check the availability and terms of use for each method, as some platforms or channels may require a subscription or have limited free content.

    The Evolution of Television in Sri Lanka

    Television in Sri Lanka has come a long way since its introduction in 1979. Let's take a closer look at the significant milestones in the industry's development.

    Early Days and State Control

    The journey of television in Sri Lanka began with the establishment of the Independent Television Network (ITN) on April 15, 1979. However, the government took control of ITN after less than two months, leading to the establishment of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) on February 15, 1982, as the second state-owned TV station. The SLRC Act No. 6 of 1982 ensured that SLRC adhered to certain broadcasting standards and guidelines.

    Entry of Private Channels

    The monopoly of state-controlled television broadcasting ended in 1992 when private TV stations were allowed to operate under the regulation of the SLRC. One of the pioneering private channels was Maharaja Television (MTV), a joint venture between Capital Maharaja and Singapore Telecommunications Limited. This marked a significant milestone in the expansion of television choices available to Sri Lankan viewers.

    Diversification and Expansion

    Since the entry of private channels, the Sri Lankan television landscape has witnessed a significant diversification and expansion. New channels such as Swarnawahini and Derana TV emerged, offering a wide range of programs, including news, entertainment, and dedicated news channels like adaderana24X7. These channels have not only enriched the content but also provided employment opportunities and contributed to the overall growth of the industry.

    Television as a Medium for Education

    In recent years, television has played a crucial role in distance education, especially during the pandemic. With the country's education system facing challenges, television has become a valuable tool for delivering educational content to students. Children who are unable to attend school can access dedicated educational channels that provide lessons, tutorials, and other educational resources. This innovative approach has allowed students to continue their studies and bridge the gap caused by the disruption in traditional classroom learning.

    In today's digital age, accessing live TV channels in Sri Lanka has become easier and more convenient. With the emergence of online streaming platforms, mobile apps, and international streaming services, viewers have a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you're interested in sports, teledramas, news, or educational content, there are channels available in Sinhalese, Tamil, and English to cater to your preferences. From the early days of state-controlled television to the entry of private channels and the use of television for distance education, the Sri Lankan television industry has evolved significantly. Stay connected to your favorite shows and explore the vibrant world of Sri Lankan television from the comfort of your own home. For a comprehensive guide, visit to catch up on missed episodes and enjoy live streaming of Sri Lankan TV channels.